Measuring Success:  It’s Not Just About Assets or Activities      

If you measure your organization’s impact only by counting its assets or the number of activities to provide, you’re overlooking valuable data that could affect your results and mislead you when developing future programs, budgets and strategic planning.  What has changed because of your organization?  What impact have you made on the community?

Assessing Progress on Your Plan

Together, we’ll take a look at the whole picture to determine how to use quantifiable data to make more informed decisions and better guide your organization.

  • Develop Outcome Measurement tools to track real progress
  • Establish easy to understand reporting methods for your board
I will always remember our first meeting with Kelly. We needed help developing a fund-raising strategy for a new building. She asked why we needed the new building, I answered. She asked again and again. Each time I answered she challenged me to look deeper until I was able to articulate the core reason of why we existed as a mission-based organization – not why we needed a new building. That answer led us to establish a funding goal.

“Kelly also helped us develop a case statement, which was key to developing the materials we needed to move ahead. She has clear knowledge of the fundraising processes and is a patient and fun professional to work with. I hope we are able to continue to work with Kelly and tap into her wisdom for many years to come.
— Corky McReynolds, Director Treehaven Campus, UW-Stevens Point, College of Natural Resources