Developing a Workable, Measurable Plan for Success    

As an organization, what do you do well?  What needs improving?  How are you perceived by donors?  Clients?  The community?  Are conflicts hindering your mission?  What is your mission?

As part of a strategic planning process, we’ll work together to take an in-depth look at your organization to:

  • Create a vision and plan for the future
  • Build consensus, communication and participation of your board of directors
  • Increase your impact
  • Build a workable, measurable plan for success
Today you accomplished a feat that only a professional in strategic planning could have pulled off. A majority of the participants had never been through a formal strategic planning. You kept us focused, on point, and you got everyone to buy in.

As a former association executive for more than three decades and as a participant in many strategic planning sessions, I would rate your service as extraordinary. You really get it.
— Gary D. Wiliams. Three Lakes Community Fund
Thank you so much for the excellent retreat! Your focused guidance was just what we needed. Our feedback is coming in and the Board is energized, engaged and enthused! We look forward to our next time with you in November.
— Barbara Klofstad, President, Wausau Schools Foundation