Preparing Your Board and Staff to be More Effective

The challenges for nonprofit organizations in today’s new economy require that boards and staff be more knowledgeable and strategic than ever.

My workshops empower them with valuable learning in key areas:

  • Understanding roles and responsibilities of the board, board members, and staff

  • Identifying characteristics of highly functioning boards

  • Implementing best practices in governance, fundraising, and communicating with donors, clients and each other

Handouts and supporting materials are included, and are available only to workshop and training participants.

Nonprofit Board Training Series

My most requested workshop!  This 3-part, 9-hour workshop can be customized to include local guest speakers and to address specific areas of interest, expertise or community need!

Additional Training for Your Board and Staff

All sessions are individualized to meet your specific needs, locations, and time schedules.

  • Board retreat facilitation

  • Coaching for your executive director (I was one myself for 12 years!)

  • Effective communications with donors, clients and each other

“Kelly’s passion and knowledge about nonprofit board leadership provided workshop participants with the tools, knowledge and insights needed to feel confident in serving as a nonprofit board member. Workshop participants immediately put their new knowledge to work with renewed enthusiasm and commitment to being a good, contributing board member. Kelly presented information concisely and clearly with extensive supporting handouts participants can use to support their ongoing learning and to guide them through different board situations.
— Joanne Kelly, Executive Director, United Way of Marathon County
For anyone considering a nonprofit board position this training is a must. The learning is delivered in a fun, yet educational format, where lecture, group activities, and speakers are combined to deliver information you will need to know and understand to be an even more effective board member.
— Keith Feirek, Wausau Sales Manager, EO Johnson Office Technologies
...thank you for facilitating a wonderful training. I gained insight, tools, and resources to be a better board member and to help encourage an engaged board. You are clearly very knowledgeable on the content and very passionate about what you do.

Jessica Mowrer, Sr. Director of Program Operations
Woodson YMCA